Spring Vegetable Growing Guide

With the warmth of spring starting to push the coldness of winter away, as a gardener you will become increasingly busy.

With the polytunnel bustling with life, our expert gardening team have a few top tips before you go headlong into planting polytunnel crops.


Although March brings warmth, it can be a changeable month. This means young plants and seedlings just beginning to emerge from the soil are susceptible to damage.

Plant slow-growing aubergines this month, along with peppers and salad leaves. But these are just for starters! Follow our March planting guide for the best polytunnel crops.


Wave goodbye to the damage caused by April showers because inside your polytunnel, your vegetables and plants are completely safe.

April is the season to sow melon seeds, along with other firm favourites including sweetcorn and runner beans. With spring warmth starting to come through, check our April planting guide for top hints and tips.


The polytunnel is bursting with growth by now. Courgette, marrow and pumpkins are great for planting in May. And with the danger of frost passed by late May across most of the country, the polytunnel starts to retain heat, perfect for encouraging your young plants to grow and thrive.

Create room by lifting overwintering crops and sowing more seeds to fill your summer dinner plate and with other great tip in our May planting guide, your polytunnel will be full to bursting in no time!

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