Sheep Shelters

There are many different types of sheep shelters that can be used to provide protection for sheep, their feed, bedding and equipment including traditional stone barns, metal buildings and wooden structures. But a considerably lower-cost alternative is the modest sheep Polytunnel. What you might call a Poly tunnel Sheep Shelter (we know them as Polytunnels adapted for sheep), but whichever way 'ewe' say it, this will quickly prove to be an invaluable part of your day-to-day animal husbandry.

During the colder, wetter months it's easier and more enjoyable to care for sheep and lambs that are housed. The protection a Sheep Shelter provides can improve the whole flock's welfare, reduce stress and increase the survival rates of lambs.

Whilst a Sheep Shelter really comes into its own during the cold, wet weather of late winter and early spring it can also be useful dry storage throughout the rest of the year. Something which can make a significant difference to your profitability.

Designed for ease of stock management and maintaining the ongoing good health of your livestock. You can choose the size of sheep Polytunnel that best suits your flock's requirements, then we'll custom build your Sheep Shelter.

Things to consider are...bespoke wider doors, heavy duty opening ventilation, you name it, we can incorporate it.

There's a choice of polythene covers designed to reduce the light transmission and ultimately control the heat in your sheep polytunnel. And a side ventilation system with reinforced net panels suitable for animal husbandry will help minimise the levels of stress.

Simply tell us your precise requirements for your sheep polytunnel, and we'll take it from there. Estimates of cost are absolutely FREE...with no obligation. Contact us.