Spares for Caterpillar Polytunnels

Caterpillar Tunnels are a low cost, mobile solution for growers needing protected cropping and season extension for there market garden. Due to their simple design, they are quick and easy to assemble and take down, meaning they are particularly well suited to those growing on leased land or those needing covered space within a crop rotation. The pull-up sides provide excellent ventilation during hot weather and when down leave the interior totally sealed and draft-free. These properties make Caterpillar Tunnels an excellent choice for farmers and growers looking for low cost, portable infrastructure for their farms and gardens.

Building instructions can be downloaded here.

For help, support and advice with purchasing Caterpillar Polytunnels, please contact, they are our chosen partner for the supply of these type of structures for the UK and Europe.

Contact Details:

Jake Eldridge

+44 7753 175 634

[email protected]