Polytunnel Cover Calculator

How big a sheet do I need?

Entering the information into our calculator will work out the size of sheet you will need in order to cover your structure. Watch the video to show how to measure for your replacement cover.

Should you know the size of sheet you need, or you simply wish to order polythene/net by the metre, please see our range of 'Polytunnel Covers'.

If you are still unsure as to what size of cover you require, please ring us on 01282 601253.

How Does Our Calculator Work?

Our calculator selects a width of polythene that spans the distance over polytunnel hoop (C) adding excess to accommodate enough material for burying in a trench (additional 2m) or fitting to base rails (additional 1m). We have fixed widths of covers, please note that certain covers have limited widths available and selecting one of these may result in excess material, ie our Super Therm has four widths to choose from, whereas our Green/White has only one.

In order to determine the length of material required, we multiply the height x 2, and add to this value to the length of the polytunnel. We round up to the nearest metre.

Useful Info....To convert metres to feet, multiply by 3.281. To convert feet to metres multiply by 0.305.

Trench/Base Rail

A - Length of Polytunnel
B - Height of Polytunnel
C - Distance over the Polytunnel Hoop

Is the polythene to be buried in a trench?

Enter your measurements below in either Feet or Metres...


Based on the values entered and allowing enough for the trench/base rails you require:

m x m

* We have fixed widths of covers available. Please find below options which accomodate your requirements. Please note certain covers have limited widths available and may result in excess material.

You may wish to change the length or width required, if so please enter a new value in the text box(es) above and click 'Calculate'. Would you like to know more about our polythene? View our polythene range.