About Us

Let’s start with who we are. That’s easy. We’re a close-knit bunch of skilled professionals who take an enormous pride in the quality and versatility of our products, But we’re enthusiasts too. We use our own products, and that means we’ve introduced lots of improvements and innovations over the years…based on first-hand everyday practical experience. We work hand-in hand with top growing experts. We even have our own allotment for some seriously hands-on gardening (often accompanied by communal summer and winter barbecues because all work and no play would be very dull!). Why not take a tour inside our facilities.

The place

Home is the mill town of Altham, Lancashire. Should you come to visit, we’re easy to find just off Junction 8 on the M65 - see Map. As well as the Team you’ll find bending machines, tool swagers, punching and tube forming equipment, sawing machines, metalwork facilities…in fact everything we need to manufacture - in house - and to guarantee the highest possible quality, at the best possible price.

The customers

We’ve been established for over 33 years and built up a huge list of happy clients. But our order books don’t just feature amateur gardeners and commercial growers. We also supply major government organisations, HM Prisons, NHS Trusts and lots and lots of schools. Then there are the ‘celebs’, like Gardener’s World stars Alan Titchmarsh and Bob Flowerdew, and River Cottage chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

The technical bit

Our polytunnels are actually sectional buildings...which basically means growers can choose the ideal profile and size to create their ideal crop-growing environment (our up-to-the-minute designs feature straight sides which are a huge improvement on old-style elliptical tunnels, significantly improving side clearance and shoulder room). For the hoops we use large diameter, high tensile steel tube, manufactured for us in Europe. They're galvanised inside and out for maximum corrosion resistance and have a much higher bending resistance too than standard mild steel. So they're seriously strong!  For even more strength and stability, and improved anchorage, 'swage joints' are used (a techie term meaning the tube end is reduced in diameter so tubes can be sleeved together, quickly and at low cost). Last, but not least, we space these hoops close together...another strengthening feature which also has the advantage of reducing unsightly polythene 'sag' while maximising headroom. That's about it. Anything else you need to know that you can't find on this site just Contact Us or check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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