Adhesive Tapes

A freak weather event? A flying roof slate? An animal attack? An act of God? Whatever the reason for the damage to your polytunnel cover, the good news is that repair is often possible. Polytunnel repair tape can be used to fix small tears and rips in your polythene cover. It is clear and so will not diminish sunlight and should outlive the rest of the cover. Other adhesive tapes can be used to cover the metal frame and protect the plastic cover from hotspots - this is one of the polytunnel accessories that no one should go without - it can prolong the life of your polytunnel cover by at least a year. Anti hotspot repair tape can cover degrading hot spot tape and keep protection in place.


You can have the best polytunnel in the county but it's still susceptible to freak storms and other inclement weather conditions as well as accidental damage from humans and animals. While there may not be much you can do about major damage to the polytunnel cover, if you're only dealing with a small tear, you can fix it yourself quickly and easily with tape for polytunnels. We have a range of polytunnel tape for most minor repairs in different widths and for different purposes. Take a look online and see which ones are suitable for the repairs you need to make.

Adhesive Tape FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about adhesive tapes.

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Repairing a small rip or tear in a polytunnel is easy. First, prepare the surface around the tear by wiping with a damp cloth to remove dust or other matter that may prevent the adhesive tape from sticking properly. Take a length of polytunnel tape and place it carefully over the rip. If you need more than one piece of tape, use it to ensure the rip or tear is completely covered. Whenever possible, try to cover the tear with polytunnel repair tape on the inside and the outside for a secure repair.


To secure polytunnel plastic, you first need to ensure the plastic is securely anchored. In the case of metal frames, it often helps to cover the tubes with polytunnel tape before securing the plastic onto the tubes. If you are worried about your polytunnel cover blowing off in high winds, make sure to check the tunnel before the bad weather starts and use tape for polytunnels to tighten and secure any plastic that is loose or you suspect may become loose.

Order your polytunnel repair tape and keep it on hand in case your polytunnel cover needs an emergency repair. You can order online or call us on 01282 601253 and we'll make sure you get the adhesive tape you need.