Polytunnel Cleaning

Cleaning polytunnel plastic is important for the health of plants and will also help extend the life of your polytunnel cover. First tunnels recommend cleaning polytunnel covers with Algon organic and controlling condensation with Sun Clear. Both of these products are safe and non-toxic and can be used around food crops. Over time, dirt will build up, reducing the sunlight that gets through the polytunnel cover. If you are wondering how to clean a polytunnel, the answer is simple. Simply spray Algon organic on to the plastic with a pressure sprayer and leave this polytunnel disinfectant to continue to do its work. Treating internally every two to five years with Sun Clear will help prevent condensation build up and will keep the sun shining in.


When it comes to things outdoors, we often don't think of the need for cleaning. However, it is essential to keep your polytunnel cover clean to extend the life of the cover. An accumulation of dust and grime will slowly compromise the integrity of your polytunnel cover and also prevent essential sunlight from getting through to your plants. Keep a collection of cleaning fluids in your garden shed so you can keep your polytunnel clean. Order your PVC cleaning fluid online today.

Polytunnel Cleaning FAQ's

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At First Tunnels, we recommend you clean your polytunnel covers with Algon organic as well as control condensation with Sun Clear. These products are easy to use and are non-toxic and safe to use around plants and food crops. We have all the PVC cleaning fluids you need as well as pressure sprayers to facilitate the application of these cleaners. Simply follow the instructions on the label or call our team on 01282 601253 for advice on cleaning and maintenance of your polytunnel cover.


A PVC solvent cleaner, as the name suggests, is a solvent-based cleaning product that has been specifically formulated to remove dirt that has accumulated on PVC products and other plastics. This type of product is ideal for cleaning your polytunnel cover and you can use it on other plastics to rejuvenate the look of things like plastic garden furniture and other PVC or plastic items that are often left outdoors.

Take a look at our range of cleaning products for your polytunnel cover and order your PVC cleaning fluid today. For expert advice on cleaning your polytunnel please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call 01282 601253.