Fruit Cages

A mix of rain and warm sunshine is ideal for ripening fruit. That said, it takes only a matter of days for a luscious fruit crop to spoil from too much rain, or suffer under attack from hungry birds or insects.

Birds enjoy feasting on ripe berries as much as we do, and many other common pests find fruit-laden trees and bushes delicious, too. There are many potential solutions to such problems, but one of the most reliable and long-term options is to invest in a fruit cage.

Create Your Own Fruit Cage System

Fruit cages are available in a range of sizes. A walk-in fruit cage is ideal for protecting tall cherry trees or apple trees, whilst smaller fruit cages are well suited for protecting low growing bushes (such as red currant bushes).

Premium fruit cages are made from the best galvanised steel tubes, along with galvanised steel tube connectors.

The strong polypropylene side mesh and the super light double knitted roof netting protects your fruit trees and bushes from the smallest garden bird and the unwanted attention of wood pigeons and other hungry birds.

Building your cage is quick and easy. The finished construction is strong and sturdy, guarding your fruit year after year.

Extra fruit cage doors can be purchased if required.

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There is nothing more devastating than putting in all the time, effort, and expense of planting fruit trees, then watching the fruit grow under your tender care and just as the fruit is ripening, the local bird population swoops in for a feast and damages most of the fruit.

A fruit cage from First Tunnels places a safety net over your trees to keep out ravenous birds and pests while allowing sunlight, air and rain through. Fruit cages are available in a variety of sizes so order yours today.

Our fruit cages are made with galvanized steel tubes and galvanized steel tube connectors to give you long lasting and sturdy fruit cages. Choose from a variety of sizes to cover larger trees or fruit bush cages for lower growing berry bushes.

Fruit Cage FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about fruit cages.

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A fruit cage is basically a structure over a tree that is covered with netting or mesh to protect the fruit while it's ripening from being eaten by birds and insects.


The size of the netting for a fruit cage depends on the size of the cage itself. First Tunnels has a variety of different sized fruit cages and our team of experts can help you choose netting that is the ideal size for the fruit cage you choose.


Exposed fruit is very much fair game for local birds as well as insects. Some insects may also lay eggs on the fruit or leaves and when the eggs hatch, the larvae often burrow into the flesh of the fruit, essentially ruining it from the inside out. You can choose a small fruit cage for berry bushes or a walk in fruit cage for larger trees like apple or pear trees. The netting is small enough to prevent small birds and most insects from damaging your fruit. You can also use smaller fruit cages to protect your lower growing crops.

First Tunnels can ship your fruit cage to anywhere in the UK, usually in a few short days. If you need yours delivered elsewhere in Europe, contact us on 01282 601253 or send an email at [email protected] for full details including a shipping quote to your location.