Fruit Cages

A mix of rain and warm sunshine is ideal for ripening fruit. That said, it takes only a matter of days for a luscious fruit crop to spoil from too much rain, or suffer under attack from hungry birds or insects.

Birds enjoy feasting on ripe berries as much as we do, and many other common pests find fruit-laden trees and bushes delicious, too. There are many potential solutions to such problems, but one of the most reliable and long-term options is to invest in a fruit cage.

Create Your Own Fruit Cage System

Fruit cages are available in a range of sizes. A walk-in fruit cage is ideal for protecting tall cherry trees or apple trees, whilst smaller fruit cages are well suited for protecting low growing bushes (such as red currant bushes).

Premium fruit cages are made from the best galvanised steel tubes, along with galvanised steel tube connectors.

The strong polypropylene side mesh and the super light double knitted roof netting protects your fruit trees and bushes from the smallest garden bird and the unwanted attention of wood pigeons and other hungry birds.

Building your cage is quick and easy. The finished construction is strong and sturdy, guarding your fruit year after year.

Extra doors if required can be purchased from here.