Polytunnel Covers

We have five UV stabilised Polytunnel covers, both polythene and net - helping you to achieve the most suitable environment for your growing needs. All of our polytunnel covers have at least a five year guarantee.  We have polythene types that are arguably the thickest available in the UK, 200 micron - 20% thicker than those available from our competitors.

We sell replacement polythene by the metre, 25m or 50m rolls in various widths, with no waste, no cutting charge and free delivery for UK Mainland (orders over £75). If you need any help calculating how much polythene you'll need for recovering your polytunnel, it's simple with our "nifty" Online Calculator.


Don't settle for anything less than the strongest and thickest polytunnel plastic covers. Our range includes 5 UV stabilized covers, both polythene and net so you can choose the best for your planting needs.

Our replacement polytunnel covers are made to withstand the UK's harsh weather conditions. Replacement polythene is sold by the meter so you can order exactly how much you need without waste and with the knowledge that your cover is protected with a 5-year guarantee.

Polytunnel Covers FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about polytunnel covers.

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The plastic for polytunnel replacement is made with materials that can withstand UV rays. In most cases, you can go up to 5 years before you need to replace your polytunnel cover. However, with a little bit of care and maintenance, you may get a few extra years out of your cover.


During the warmer months, you may only need to hose down your polytunnel cover. However, the polytunnel plastic may develop an unsightly layer of algae over the winter months. If you do notice even a small algae growth, it is recommended that you clean it as quickly as possible to prevent the algae from spreading and compromising the effectiveness of your polytunnel covering.

To clean our polytunnel cover, simply use a large weighted cloth. Spray a gentle cleaning fluid over the polytunnel and then cover with a large cloth and, with the help of a friend, gently pull the fabric to and for to remove the algae. If any algae appear on the inside, remove it quickly by spraying the cleaning fluid on the algae spots before dipping a sponge in water and cleaning off the algae.


When it comes to polytunnel covering, the best plastic for a polytunnel is polythene. This type of plastic allows more natural sunlight into the tunnel which is essential to the plants growing within.

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