Ground Cover

With grid lines for easy pot placement, guaranteeing uniform plant growth. Tough and tear resistant, it effectively controls annual and perennial weeds. Can be used inside greenhouses and polytunnels providing cleanable surfaces or used for weed free standing out areas for container grown plants. Its easy to clean - just use a hose. Also used for landscaping ornamental beds, paths, drives, etc. 5 year life. Colour Black.


Keep the weeds away from all of your garden beds and other plants with ground cover weed control sheeting. These ones have convenient grid lines so you can uniformly arrange your plants and pots. The material is super tough and resistant to tearing and keeps annual and perennial weeds under control. You can use this ground cover inside greenhouses and polytunnels as well as outdoor garden beds. Ground cover is a must-have for all gardening applications, including landscaping garden beds, paths and drives. Our ground cover has a life of about 5 years so line your polytunnels and garden beds and keep them weed-free.

Ground Cover FAQ's

See below a common question we get asked about ground cover weed control.

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There are many ways to stop weeds from growing in your polytunnels and garden beds and some are more effective than others. You may be looking for a permanent solution to get rid of weeds but this usually involves using harsh chemicals that are also bad for the plants you are trying so hard to grow.

•    Use a ground cover - Inside a polytunnel or outside in a garden bed, a ground cover can be used to keep weeds at bay. You can make small holes for the plants and then add a layer of clean soil or mulch to hide the plastic cover. 

•    Remove weeds instead of digging them over - Many people make the mistake of digging up turf to create garden beds but this usually ends up with weeds making their way back to the surface. The better option is to dig up the weeds and dispose of them completely and avoid areas of the garden where weeds are abundant. 

Our ground cover weed control system includes ground cover for gardens and polytunnels as well as metal ground staples to keep the cover from lifting. Order yours online today or call us on 01282 601253.