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Growing Gifts

When you buy one of our Domestic or Commercial Polytunnels (Excludes Mini Polytunnel) you will receive a Lucky Bag full of polytunnel goodies.

Top polytunnel books

The two best selling polytunnel books by Andy McKee and Mark Gatter The Polytunnel Handbook and How to Grow Food in Your Polytunnel all Year Round.

Everything you need to know can be found within these books, whether you're a novice or an old hand, these books offer fantastic insight and will ensure you're polytunnel is a thriving hub of activity all year round..

Top polytunnel books

Crop wheel

A wealth of growing information...when to sow, grow, harvest and a really useful measuring device too.

The First Tunnels Crop wheel has been developed working with real polytunnel gardeners, to give you all the crop information you could need in one handy device. When to sow? What type of soil? How far apart? How long to germinate? Get the answers to these and many more questions for over 35 of the most popular crops. PLUS...the crop wheel also doubles up as a measuring tape for your crop spacing and planting.

Crop wheel

Tomato seeds

Tomatoes are always a really popular choice with polytunnel gardeners. In fact we don’t think we’ve ever been to a polytunnel that doesn’t have tomatoes growing inside. So we what better way to help our customers get their polytunnel gardening off to a flying start than with some top tomatoes. There’s even an online guide to growing them in our 'Top of the crops' pages, so there’s no excuse not to get growing pretty much straight away.

Tomato Seeds

Polytunnel planner

The essential monthly planner packed full of tips and advice.

But the beauty of this planner has to be the endless golden nuggets of information it contains. It will rapidly become indispensable for keeping records, making plans and generally guaranteeing you don't miss a trick as you move from month to month, season to season...

Can you think of an easier and more reliable way to keep a note of what you planted...and when? Or when it germinated? Or when it was ready to harvest? Or jot down all manner of reminders, ideas, bug warnings and tips to refer to next year...and the year after?

Polytunnel planner

All FREE when you buy a Domestic or Commercial polytunnel