Rigid Fruit Cage Netting

Product ID: NEM0011

£3.00 inc. VAT
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These square, strong polypropylene mesh is easy to install as a side netting on Fruit Cages, can be used over fruit trees or other growing areas. Helps to protect your plants and crops against pets. Manufactured from a high strength netting with a 17mm x 17mm mesh.

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Neil Taylor
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Verified order

Strong plastic netting, arrives on a roll, doubled up, so had to unroll, attach one half and cut. Then use the remaining piece to complete around the sides of the cage

Nick GM
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Verified order

A replacement after Storm Doris did her worst - and all she could do was rip the netting. The frame and roof were intact!

Paula Woolley
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Verified order

Does the job has expected

Quentin McD
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Verified order

I haven't unpacked the extremely long pole yet. That was the only downside so far in that the packaging was very silly because it was at least a third longer than the actual width of the netting, and now I am left with a long pole to dispose of. I haven't yet looked at the netting so cannot comment on it.

Mr M Bates
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Verified order

I've been looking round for this type of netting but here in Cumbria seems hard to get hold of But first tunnels came to the rescue and it' just what I wanted....AND at the right price...Thank you .

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