Autumn Vegetable Growing Guide

When it comes to autumn planting, there are many choices of which vegetables to grow in your polytunnel.

Our month-by-month growing guides have all the information, as well as helpful hints and tips you need to make autumn in the polytunnel a success.

Autumn in the Polytunnel


Providing cover and protection from the cooler nights and crisp mornings, crops and plants in the polytunnel will carry on giving for some weeks yet. Now is your last chance for spring cabbages, pak choi and spinach.

But there are some decisions the polytunnel gardener will need to make this month – check out the September planting guide for more ideas.


The last chance for the gardener to be ready for the cold winter months ahead. So as the leaves change colour and fall from the trees, make sure you have everything in the polytunnel in order by the end of October.

As well as sowing herbs, consider winter salad leaves too and with your polytunnel protecting them from possibly frosts, you can be confident of a slightly longer growing season.
Our October planting guide helps you through this changeable month.


The outdoor garden may be slumbering but in the polytunnel, there is plenty still happening. But you will need to protect your plants or the first zap of November frost could stop them in their tracks.

Try sowing basil, dill and parsley under cover, and keep those winter salad leaves cropping too.Our November planting guide has all kinds of useful info – check it out!

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