Making A Polytunnel Into A Sanctuary

A polytunnel can be far more than just a useful space in which to grow some vegetables. A polytunnel can be a place to relax and unwind, a place to escape from all the stresses and strains of everyday life. A polytunnel can be a sanctuary, no matter how else you plan to use it. Here are some tips to help you make your polytunnel into a relaxing sanctuary:

A Seating Area

While it can be relaxing to work in your polytunnel, to grow and harvest your own food, there will be times when you do not feel like labouring and simply want to stop and perhaps enjoy some of the fruits of your hard work. A place to sit within your polytunnel could be a nice way to create a relaxation space.

There are plenty of different options that need not take up too much space. For example, you could simply have a small table and chairs at one end of your tunnel. You could, however, be a little more inventive. A small swing seat could be hung in your tunnel, as could a hammock, for those moments when you really want to chill out. The edge of a raised bed could double as a seat, or you could even mould a comfy seat from the ground and plant it with chamomile or grasses. If you are inventive about where you will sit then you can incorporate a seating area without giving up too much of your growing area.

Sensory Planting

How you choose to plant up your polytunnel will, of course, have a big impact on how it feels to sit inside it. Choosing plants that not only serve your culinary needs but also offer sensations for all the senses – touch, sight, sound and smell as well as taste – will help to create a space that you can easily unwind in. Soft foliage that brushes against you as you enter, beautiful flowers, the sounds of the breeze through leaves, the smell of fragrant herbs and flowers – all of these can enhance the environment and help you to feel at peace in your polytunnel. Plant things that you love to make a sanctuary that is truly your own.

Harmony with Nature

It is when we are in harmony with nature that we feel most at peace. If you want your polytunnel to be a sanctuary then you should ensure that your polytunnel is as eco-friendly and natural as possible. Welcome wildlife, which will help you deal with pests as well as providing some beautiful sights as you sit and relax in your polytunnel. Grow organically, without harmful pesticides or other poisons. Plant mixed polycultures that will delight you and create a strong and sustainable ecosystem that is healthy and biodiverse. Working with nature rather than fighting it will help you to feel more composed and in-tune.

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