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Formation of condensation on the inner surface of a polytunnel cover can be harmful to plants, annoying to personnel, & can reduce light transmission by as much as 50%.

SunClear is a non-toxic coating that reduces the effects of condensation. A misting Sprayer or roller can apply it to any type of polythene cover, even with existing crops growing.

When Sun Clear is applied, light transmission will be significantly improved. Condensation will run down the inside of the Polythene cover. A single application can last 2-5 years.

Polythene can be manufactured that offers condensation control (Anti-Fog). What is commonly not known, is that this treatment does not last beyond ONE year - The additive ultimately gets washed away and the polythene cover will eventually be depleted of the condensation controlling, additive.

A bottle of 473ml has an indefinite shelf life and will provide coverage of approximately 5,000 sq.ft - enough to cover a First Tunnels ‘20ft x 72ft’ polytunnel twice times over.

A water based solution, developed to stop greenhouse dripping in flexible, rigid plastic or glass greenhouses, tunnels and other plastic structures.

Color    White
Specific gravity   1.14 
Viscosity   50cc Sun Clear 19.3 seconds
pH    4.9 – 5
Odor    Odorless
Operating temperature  Above Freezing
Mix ratio   100:1 plastic  /  50:1 glass
Flash Point    None
Storage Life    Indefinitely (store in above freezing conditions)
Hazardous Air Pollutants  None
Environmentally safe   Contains no solvents

Basic Uses
• Stop condensate drip.
• Improve plant quality and yield due to less Botrytis and other plant diseases
• Increase light transmission by as much as 50% through plastic or glass.
• Non-toxic and will not harm plants or animals.
• Works on any nonporous surface, such as aluminum, plastic, steel, glass or painted surfaces.
• Reduces static charge in plastic
• Quick and easy to apply.

Will not work on porous surfaces, such as wood, concrete, etc.
Will not adhere to surfaces with oil residue or other contaminates.

To apply, spray Sun Clear mixture forcefully on surface. Work from bottom upward until entire surface is thoroughly wetted and all drops disappear. If any spots are missed, they may be re-treated at any time.

Surface Preparation and Use
Any foreign particles or residual chemicals on surface should be removed for best performance.

Mixing Instructions
Mix Sun Clear with clean water. The water should have a normal pH of 7-7.2 for best results.

Sun Clear should be applied in above freezing conditions or icing may occur. Once Sun Clear is applied and allowed to dry, temperature is no longer a factor.

568ml (1 Pint) will cover approx. 5,000 sq. ft.

Sun Clear can be stored indefinitely as long as it is not allowed to freeze.

Sun Clear is Non-hazardous, Non-toxic. In case of spills or leaks, contain spill, collect with absorbent material and transfer to suitable container. Dispose of in accordance with current, applicable local, state, or federal regulations.

Use white vinegar with a dilution ratio of 10-1. 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Algon also removes Sun Clear.

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Quick delivery

Julie Hall
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Verified order

5 stars for quick delivery but have not used it as no longer have crops in my polytunnel. Vermin a problem so need new plastic

Sarah Pointing
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Verified order

Waiting for building to dry out after re roofing ! Product sounds ideal to stop condensation on clear sheeting. Quick delivery with clear instructions, thanks.

Ronald Shaw
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Only use this product the once but seems to be affective.

Michael Reed
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Noticed other polythene suppliers sell polythene that claim they reduce condensation, but the cost of these films put me off, this bottle was more cost effective and I reckon I've enough to coat my film 10 times. Also put this on my bathroom mirror, and wow, it works....

Sam Jones
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This works like magic, spray on and leave

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Not sure if it works yet watch this space rather pricy

Alex Slater
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Applied easily.... We shall have to wait for the results.

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