Big Drippa Kit

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A gravity fed watering system offering the benefits of drip watering at a low price. As the Big Drippa is a self contained system, it is ideal for use in areas where there is no mains water supply. Often likened to a hospital I.V. Kit, the system features a 10.5 Litre water reservoir bag, 5 metres of irrigation tube and 6 adjustable drippers. The system can be fitted to standard greenhouse extrusions using the hardware included in the kit. The reservoir will drain over a 24 hours (depending on flow rate of each dripper) which will ensure plants are sufficiently watered for a two day period - ideal if you are away for the weekend. The water reservoir bag and tubing are made from recycled PVC and the drippers from polycarbonate.

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Great value

Alison Keith
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Verified order

Could do with more taps supplied in the kit. Pipe massive for only 6 taps.

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simple but effective, can leave my small polytunnel planting for s day or two and know that they will be kept moist

Michael Reed
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A very effective method a keeping some key planters and my compost bags moist when I know Im not going to be able to water for a day or two.

Sam Jones
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easy to install and adjust at any time

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