Algon Organic 2.5 Litre

Algon Organic 2.5 Litre

A safe organic cleaner for stone, wood, glass, polythene, and many other surfaces. With an indefinite shelf-life, it's so easy to use and being non-toxic itís safe for pets, animals and wildlife. Simply apply with a garden sprayer, soft broom or paintbrush and leave it to work. thereís no need to scrub or rinse it off later and the effects really do last. 2Ĺ litre concentrate makes up to 10 litres.

(2Ĺ litre container cleans approximately 60 square metres and will typically clean a 12ft x 30ft Polytunnel)

View the factsheet here - Algon Leaflet.

ID: CH0001
Price: £7.00

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