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Little Growers - provide horticultural equipment, advice and support to schools across the UK, encouraging children and communities to grow, learn and work together for a healthier and greener future. First Tunnels are proud to supply Polytunnels for this very unique and exciting scheme encouraging children to grow at school. -

Little Growers


Dig It Projects - Helping to create an outdoor classroom These garden projects highlight many benefits such as "Healthy Eating and Lifestyles", but also allows children to escape the everyday indoor classroom environment. Some of the children may respond better to being outdoors and the more "hands on" approach to learning, rather than the obvious restraints of a conventional classroom.

DIG IT Projects has been designing and installing "Allotment style Gardens" into schools and community networks to allow the children and parents to GROW their OWN fresh fruit and vegetables.

Dig It Projects


Victoriana Nursery Gardens - They have a wealth of experience in school gardening projects and working with children - born out with their RHS Silver Medal, Victoriana are so committed to helping young hands get growing that they offer a 20% discount on all the plants and seeds and a 10% discount on sundries such as books and tools. Everything is available by mail order up and down the country. More importantly Victoriana are happy to advice should you have any problems along the way as they grow what they sell too. They offer vegetable and herb plants and seeds as well as an extensive range of fruit all grown natures way. So go on, get children growing their own, one of the most essential lessons they can learn, everyone has to eat!

Victoriana Nursery Gardens


Farm In My Pocket - your single point of reference for homesteading and self-sufficiency know-how online. Whatever you want to know, all you have to do is type a few keywords into the Search window and Farm In My Pocket will do their best to point you in the right direction, whether it's on their own site or elsewhere.

Farm In My Pocket


Schools Organic Network - A nationwide campaign help by the HDRA, which helps children grow vegetables at school and learn more about their food. By setting up small gardens in or near school grounds, children can learn about how food is produced and its links with the countryside. It also helps teach them how to enjoy eating a wide range of vegetables as part of a healthy diet.

Schools Organic Network


Be a part of something planet sized with our biggest ever community education programme, The Co-operative Green Schools Revolution! Whether your school is just starting out on the green path or you've been revolutionising your classrooms and school grounds for some time, we'll support you every step of the way.

The Co-operative Green Schools Revolution


Morrisons -Let's grow - aims to help schools capture the imagination of the nation's children by showing them where food comes from and inspiring them to grow their own fruit and veg in the school grounds.



Tesco - How to go greener at school - You spend most of your day at school, so make sure you're going greener there, too. Why not persuade teachers and governors to help if your school's not green enough? Here are some easy ways you can keep up your greener habits at school.



The Guardian - Keep up to date with all things green and

The Guardian


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