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St Thomas' Primary Barrowford

When we heard about our local schools campaign for greener living, the school eco-comittee and work they were putting into achieving the Green Flag Award we wanted to support them and help the pupils learn more about growing their own food. So we contacted the head mistress to see if there was anything we could do.

When we visited the school and saw for ourselves the enthuiasm amongst the pupils and staff for 'going greener', we asked if they had considered growing their own? Like many schools this was something St Thomas' had done in the past, but as they didn't have a dedicated gardening area, they had found it difficult to manage and felt that this prevented them doing more of these activities with the pupils.

St Thomas' Primary Barrowford

We felt supporting this local school was an important way to put something back into our local community. So we talked with the head mistress and agreed to supply a polytunnel. Creating an outdoor classroom that could be used whatever the weather. A classroom that gave the plants the protection they needed, and with a short lesson from our construction team, gave the teachers the 'know-how' on the polytunnel too. From composting and the water cycle, through to solar energy and plant development. Planting, feeding, growing and harvesting the schools own fruit and vegetables, the polytunnel has become a firm favourite with everyone at St Thomas'.

We're looking forward to seeing what the children create in the growing space, what new and exciting displays they produce and maybe we'll even get the chance to taste some of the crops too.

P is for...polytunnels

Polytunnels are now a recognised way for schools to increase there green credentials, whilst invigorating the childrens imagination and teaching them about the values of healthy living and good food nutrition. Find out more about The Green Flag Awards at www.eco-schools.org.uk


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