Summer Vegetable Planting Guide

The long hot days of summer are great for growing vegetable crops and prized blooms. And the polytunnel is a great place to protect them from becoming too dry and parched.

Summer in the Polytunnel


This is a ‘lazy’ gardening month! Sit back and enjoy watching your vegetable crops grow to perfection inside the protective cocoon of the polytunnel.

Sow more peas and runner beans for continual cropping and consider planting winter cabbages. Get the most out of your polytunnel with your June planting guide.


Summer weather is not always predictable. So, whilst other gardeners complain of poor, wet weather, your summer crops are protected from the weather and pests in your polytunnel.

Gherkins work well planted in July and continually re-plant summer cropping veg too. Take a look at our July planting guide for even more great ideas.


Bountiful and lush, August in the polytunnel is possibly the best month. But it can also mean endless watering to keep all plants watered and fed.

Take a look at what automatic water kits can offer your summer crops, and how much time and effort they will save too.

Create space for winter vegetables this month, including winter lettuces and herbs. Our August planting guide has more great hints and tips too.

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