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Growing Wallflowers in a Polytunnel

These attractive flowers are a firm favourite with many gardeners, who find that they will grow well and self seed in a range of different garden settings. A polytunnel can help you to keep these biennial plants safe and happy throughout the year, whether you decide to give them some final growing space within the polytunnel or elsewhere in your garden. Wallflowers are actually incredibly easy to grow, as long as you understand what they need and their attractive blooms come in a wide range of different shades. Wallflowers are a pretty and delicate addition to your garden, whether you grow them in containers, in the polytunnel or in a sunny border.

Sowing and Growing Requirements for Wallflowers

One of the key things to remember about wallflowers is that, as biennials, they will have to be sown and grown the year before they are to flower. Seeds can be sown in the early summer, in a well prepared seed bed or in trays. However, many people choose to start from wallflower plugs, which can be bought in late summer or early autumn from garden centres or plant nurseries and planted out in November.

Wallflowers are a plant that thrives, to a degree, on neglect. They will grow best in a well-drained soil that is not particularly fertile. A sunny spot is best and wallflowers will do best in an area of full sun. Transplant your seed grown wallflowers to their final growing positions in October and they should grow on to flower the following spring.

Make sure that the growing space you choose is well weeded and sunny. The base of the stems of the plugs or seedlings you have grown should be level with the surface of the soil. Firm in the soil around the plants to provide stability. Aim for a spacing of around 20cm between your plants. Water in well but then do not overwater.

Harvesting Wallflowers

Wallflowers are perfect for creating a display in your garden but can also be used as cut flowers to beautify your home. Wallflowers will also add a lovely fragrance to your home, with their evocative smell. Wallflowers come in a wide range of flowers and so can be used alone, or with other cut flowers to create some beautiful vases of flowers or other floral arrangements.

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