May: Healing With a Polytunnel

Far too many of us experience problems with ill health, fatigue, stress or other such problems. Today's society and our busy schedules do not always make it easy to keep ourselves healthy in body and mind. But with a polytunnel, answers to help us live healthier and happier lives are close at hand. A polytunnel can help us to become healthier in a number of different ways. However you need to heal, a polytunnel may well be able to help. A polytunnel can help you take a step towards a more sustainable way of life. It can also help you to live better and improve your general health. It can even make you happier.

Healthy Eating

A polytunnel makes it a lot easier to grow your own healthy, organic food. Eating well can make a huge different to your health and well-being. Growing vegetables for your table can encourage you and your family and friends to eat well and get all the vitamins and minerals that you require, not just to survive but to thrive. The fact that you grew things from seed to plate can also give you an immense sense of satisfaction. Things always taste better when you grew them yourself!

A Physic Garden

While they are no substitute for conventional medicine, herbs can help promote a sense of health and well-being and can help to balance the mood and all the body's systems. A polytunnel can be used to grow a wide range of useful plants, not just those for sustenance but also plants that can aid healing, that can be used in first aid and for other minor ailments, plants that can be used for essential oils and many other uses. A polytunnel can help you create a well-stocked herb garden, that can do much more than simply add flavour to your dishes.


Simply being outside, in the sunlight, can do you a world of good. A polytunnel will encourage you to get outside more, even when the temperatures are a little chilly. Standing in the sunlight for even a few moments has been shown to significantly boost mood and stepping out of a breeze and into a lovely warm polytunnel can be a pleasant feeling. Indulge in a little sun-therapy and take some time to enjoy this cocoon-like space in your garden as the warmer weather rolls in.

Getting Your Hands In The Dirt

Gardening is always a healthy and therapeutic activity and a polytunnel will allow you to enjoy the activity more often, regardless of the weather. The gently exercise can help boost your mood but, more than that, it has actually been shown that there are beneficial bacteria in the soil that will raise serotonin levels in the brain. These friendly bacteria have been shown to aid in stabilising mood and have no ill-effects on humans. It is thought that they may be able to help with other health problems as well.

So, whether you are a little under the weather, or hale and hearty, get out there in your polytunnel and give your health a helping hand as we move towards summer.

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