Tips For Watering Your Polytunnel While You Are On Holiday

One important thing to remember about a polytunnel is that you will have to provide all the water that your plants need, since rainfall will not be a factor. As the weather warms up in the spring, you will find that the water needs of most plants will increase significantly. This can make things more difficult for gardeners who may want to plan to have some time away. Here are a few tips for watering your polytunnel while you are on holiday, to help make sure that everything will be okay when you get back.

Irrigation Systems

Of course the easiest way to water plants in your polytunnel is to install an automated water irrigation system that can operate in your absence. There are a range of different irrigation systems that you could choose. But irrigation systems can be expensive, especially ones which can be set up to operate while you are away, so you may like to consider instead one of the following, low-tech solutions.

Clay Pots

Raw clay pots placed in the soil can be filled with water. The water will then be slowly released to be up-taken by nearby plant roots as it is needed. Placing a few pots in your growing areas could help to provide for the water needs of polytunnel plants while you are away.

Wicking Systems

You can also take advantage of the way in which water will wick along a piece of fabric or similar in order to provide a steady, low amount of water to specific plants in beds or containers while you are away.

Water Globes/ Watering Bulbs

Beautiful glass water globes, also sometimes known as watering bulbs, will also provide a steady amount of water to plants while you are away, directing the water to the roots below the soil, where it is needed.

Plastic Bottles

The cheapest option of all is also one of the simplest. You can fill plastic drinks bottles with water, then place them upside down with the neck in the soil. The water will slowly leech out and provide water to your plants. By placing a number of these bottles around your polytunnel, you could provide water for your crops while you are on holiday.

These simple tips should help you rest easy about your polytunnel plants while you are away, enjoying your hard-earned holiday.

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