Sustainable Work Practices For Commercial Polytunnel Owners

If you grow plants in a polytunnel for commercial reasons, whether you are a farmer, smallholder or a small business owner, sustainability should always be front and foremost in your mind. Sustainability should take into account the environment and wider issues as well as the financial sustainability of the undertaking. Taking a look at sustainable practice in your polytunnel or polytunnel is a great place to start when looking at future-proofing your commercial polytunnel venture.

Renewable Energy

Looking at the amount and type of energy you use in your polytunnel is a good place to begin. You may use energy from fossil fuels in order to heat or light your polytunnel. If you do, now may be a good time to look into alternative, renewable sources of energy for these purposes. Consider using solar panels or a wind turbine to power your business, or, where this is not possible, consider purchasing electricity that is 100% renewables from a power company in your area. You can also think carefully about every new purchase, reduce consumption of all kinds and implement other efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption. Think about reducing energy use while also making the most of renewable energy sources at your disposal.

Sustainable Soil Management

The soil is one of the most precious resources around for all polytunnel owners. Make sure that, as a polytunnel business, you are taking measures to protect, conserve and improve the soil in your polytunnel or polytunnels on an ongoing basis. Create your own compost, mulches and plant feeds to ensure the good health of the ecosystem, and rotate crops to ensure a stable system. If you take care of the soil, it will continue to take care of your plants and ensure that your business can continue to run well into the future.

Organic Growing

Whatever crops you choose to grow in your polytunnel or polytunnels, sustainable practice demands that you use organic methods of production. Do not use damaging pesticides and herbicides but instead focus on creating a balanced system that is in harmony with the natural world. Use sustainable, organic methods of pest control and carefully control and improve your yields by clever techniques of planting and growing.

Whether you are just starting out or are established in your business, sustainability is important. Make sure you are doing what you can to contribute to a better future, for yourself and for our planet. Undertake the above sustainable work practices in your commercial polytunnel today.

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