Polytunnel Gardening Trends for 2018

Winter is a time of year for reflection and a time of year to plan for next year. To give you some inspiration for your polytunnel garden, here are some of the garden trends for 2018 – things and concepts that we can expect to see a lot more of over the coming year.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own food is central to polytunnel gardening, or course. That sustainable, eco-friendly pursuit is just set to become even more popular as we move into next year and beyond. Healthy diets comprising plenty of fresh vegetables are right on trend, with an ever increasing number turning off meat and turning to a more sustainable diet.


Good news for those who like the wilderness to win – just a little – in their gardens, and don't mind a little organic shabby with their chic. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept, centuries old, all to do with embracing the cycles of life, decay and death. Forget pristine lines and crisp edges, the trend for 2018 embraces rusty metal, mossy stones and messy mulches.


Another key trend for 2018 is an emphasis on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness – one of the hot topics in the arena of well-being. This trend is all about creating 'moments' in your garden or polytunnel and taking time to be totally present in them. Think fragrant herbs and flowers, and water, chimes or other objects to create a soundscape. Make a space to sit in your polytunnel – a space to savour the moments.

Alfresco Living

In the UK, we are really buying into the idea of outdoor rooms and alfresco living. In 2018, sales of garden furniture are set to increase yet again as more and more people choose to spend more leisure time in their gardens. Polytunnels are perfect for those who want to be outside without being too much in the elements – seating areas in polytunnels are set to become even more popular next year.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are definitely having a resurgence right now and 2018 is going to see yet more people converted to the idea of having plants indoors, for health and happiness. A polytunnel can be used to grow plants for your home and gives extra space to prepare containers that will go inside to improve the air quality for you and your household.

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