World Naked Gardening Day

Whatever the weather, you can let your freak flag fly and garden in your birthday suit for as long as you want this World Naked Gardening Day. A polytunnel could make it a less exposing and more pleasant experience – especially if the weather is not ideal. On the 4th of May, those of you with polytunnels have no excuse not to be naked! So, whether you are basking in the sunshine or listening to the rain thundering on your polytunnel, join in the fun and if you're up for sharing pics of your frolics so much the better!

We all have to make sure that we do not take ourselves too seriously and while gardening can sometimes be a lot of work, we all know it can be a lot of fun too. So cast off all your worries and woes and garden as nature intended. Without the shackles of jeans, jumpers and gardening gloves, perhaps you will find it easier to experience your own connection to the world of nature and realise that you are part of the ecosystem – a beautiful flower or... a lumpy vegetable – who cares? It can be liberating to shed all the baggage of society and get back to basics with the hobby that you love – and nothing else. Stripping away all the artifice, the stress and the convention might just help you see that all the world's problems truly can be solved in a garden.

Naked gardeners of the world, unite! In honour of World Naked Gardening Day, 4th May 2019, and nude gardeners everywhere, here is a little terrible poetry to get everyone in the mood:

Down amidst the shrubbery you may see something rude,
The lesser spotted gardener pottering in the nude.
Throwing caution to the wind they go,
To see to all the things that grow

And tiptoe through the tulips bright,
Warming their skin in spring-time light.
Don't be shocked at what's on show,
It's Naked Gardening Day, you know.

Don't be a prude, don't be naïve,
Every gardener can be Adam or Eve,
Safe and sound in each garden of Eden,
Raking, hoeing or putting some seed in.

Be as free as the bird that flies,
And feel the breeze on your naked thighs.
Stroll free along each vegetable row,
It's Naked Gardening Day, you know.

Never mind the thistle's prickle or the nettle's sting,
Gardening nude could be a wonderful thing,
Liberation can come in all sorts of guises,
And can bring all sorts of unusual surprises.

The twinkle of flesh between the trees,
Much more to see than muddy knees,
No tan lines seen from head to toe,
It's Naked Gardening Day, you know.

Never mind the neighbours, the priest or the vicar,
You just have to move a little bit quicker,
Take hold of that fig leaf, those coconut shells,
Move in shade amid the bluebells.

Grab the hose or hold that funnel,
Make a dash for the safety of the polytunnel.
Inside the tunnel you'll be less on show,
It's Naked Gardening Day, you know.