Mother's Day Gifts For Keen Polytunnel Gardeners

This Mother's Day, consider a gift that truly show's her you care. If your mother, or the mother of your children, is a keen polytunnel gardener, then you might wish to consider one of these gift ideas – each of which will doubtless be loved by those who love to get their hands dirty and watch things grow. Think outside the box and get her something a little more interesting than just some chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Here are five great Mother's Day gifts for keen polytunnel gardeners:

Seeds & Seed Sets

Whatever she likes to grow, consider giving her the gift of seeds this Mother's Day. She may already have plenty of seeds of her own to plant, but by thinking carefully, you can come up with ideas for new things that she may like to grow. If, for example, she loves to grow herbs, then a selection of more unusual varieties may go down very well. If she loves her veggies, then how about a selection of more quirky heritage varieties? If she loves flowers above all, then choose seeds with some beautiful bee-friendly options that are perfect for growing where she lives.

A Tree or Shrub

A tree or shrub is more expensive than seeds, but will save her the hard work of growing something from scratch. A dwarf fruiting tree or shrub could be a lovely gift that she can enjoy for many years to come. An ornamental trees – perhaps one of her favourites – could also be a lovely way to remind her of how much she means to you.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit

If the mother in your life already grows a lot of food for the family, you could consider giving her a gift that allows her to continue and expand her good work. A kit to allow her to try out mushroom growing could be a fun way to show her how much she means to you, especially if you bring the family together to get started together.

Personalised Fork & Trowel Sets

Good garden tools can often be a good present for a keen gardener. If she loves to grow things in the garden or polytunnel, make sure she has everything she needs. Forks and trowels which are personalised with her name or a short message could be a delightfully personal Mother's Day gift.

Mum's Relaxation Garden

A personalised lavender garden window box could be the perfect way to show that you know her, and appreciate her green fingers, whilst also giving her something that will brighten her day and help her to relax and unwind after some hard work in the polytunnel.

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