How To Use Kale in the Kitchen – A Polytunnel Grower's Guide

Kale is one of the most useful winter crops. In a polytunnel, you can have good quality kale to enjoy throughout the coldest months, no matter what the weather is doing outside. To help you to make the most of this winter staple, here are some ideas on how to use kale in your kitchen, not just as a side dish, but also as the star of the show:

Kale Crisps

As the festive season begins and dinner parties and other seasonal get-togethers approach, think about how you can serve kale in fresh and interesting ways to please even the fussiest of guests. Kale crisps, especially when served with enticing dips, can be great appetisers or snacks for your friends and family. These healthy crisps are a good way to get some greens into those with a picky palette.

Kale Pesto

A garlicky kale pesto is fantastic for use on pasta as a main dish, and can also be made in advance, which makes it an easy choice for dinner parties and other social events. Pesto is a good way to use up any seasonal greens and can be enhanced with spice or other flavourings to make a range of different meals.

Kale Wraps

For easy week day lunches or a healthy dinner, or even as a starter for a meal with friends or family, take a leaf from the Greeks and create some healthy kale wraps, using kale leaves much as vine leaves are often used in Greek cuisine. You can stuff them with whatever other ingredients you have on hand.

Kale Bakes

Layers of kale can be incorporated into a wide range of oven bakes, vegetarian loaves, lasagnas, pies or casseroles to add flavour and nutrition as well as vibrant green colour. There are plenty of options when it comes to incorporating kale as a key ingredient in this way.

Kale Patties

Kale chopped finely can be added to vegetarian burgers, or patties to make a family-friendly meal for those who do not enjoy eating the greens on their own. This is a great way to smuggle healthy kale into what can seem like an indulgent meal. Using kale in this way can stop winter meals from feeling as though they are all about being super healthy. Forget about being 'worthy' – just create delicious meals that just happen to be good for you too.

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