How A Domestic Polytunnel Can Save Money When Growing Food At Home

Growing your own food is not only great for the environment and for your health, it's great for your finances too. If you go about growing your own in the right way, it can really save you a lot of money on grocery bills. Grow the right things, follow permaculture practice and garden organically and you can save a lot of money. A polytunnel can allow you to go even further, and save even more money when growing food at home. A polytunnel will bring:

Increased Yearly Yield

When you have a polytunnel, you have a covered, protected space in which to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs year round. While with outside vegetable gardens or raised beds, you will usually only be able to grow from spring until autumn, with a polytunnel there are crops that you can grow all year long. This means a higher yield in a given area, and an enhanced ability to live sustainably throughout the year.

Reduced Loss To Bad Weather

The UK climate can sometimes be very changeable and unpredictable. One year summer can be lovely, the next year it may be a wash out. Bad weather can cause all sorts of problems in the garden and may make it much more difficult to achieve a good harvest. A polytunnel can make it much easier to weather the bad weather. This can increase the yield and save you money by reducing losses and disasters year after year. As we continue to cause our global climate to change, weird or extreme weather events will become more common. A polytunnel can help to make your growing efforts more resilient no matter what the future may bring.

Reduced Loss To Pests and Disease

A polytunnel not only helps to reduce loss to bad weather, it can also help to reduce the loss you experience to a range of different pests and diseases. In a polytunnel, it is often easier to manage the local ecosystem to ensure that plants remain happy and healthy. A polytunnel offers a level of protection against creatures which wish to eat your plants, and since it is easier to carefully manage ventilation, water and humidity inside your polytunnel, you can also reduce the incidence of a range of common plant diseases.

By increasing yield and reducing losses in a number of different ways, a polytunnel can help you in your home growing efforts and, in turn, help you save money on your household food bills.

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