Homemade Gifts For Valentine's Day From A Polytunnel

Valentine's Day should not be about buying expensive gifts from the shops. It should not be a Hallmark holiday. If you really want to show someone that you love them, you should really take the time to let them know that they are special to you. Taking time to create home-made gifts for your loved one is one of the very best ways to show them just how much you care.

A polytunnel can be a great resource for keen gardeners in a range of different ways. One of these ways is that a polytunnel can provide the materials to make a range of home-made romantic gifts. To help you give your loved one a special surprise this Valentine's Day, here are five ideas for things you could make for them using items from your polytunnel:

A Valentine's Day Card

You could use plant dyes, dried flowers or other items to hand-craft a special card that will be so much better and more personal than any that you could buy. Going one further, you could even create your own paper from plant fibres and use that to make your special greetings card.

A Beautiful Bouquet

Flowers from your polytunnel garden may be in short supply. But there may still be plenty growing in there. By using your imagination, you could still create a beautiful bouquet, even in February. If you don't have flowers, you can still use other things that will have grown over the winter – herbs, edible greens, evergreens... with a little flair and creativity, all the things you grow can make attractive bouquets.

Home-Made Soap

Herbs, edible crops and winter flowers can also be used to make home-made soaps and other bath items, such as bath bombs, for example. There are plenty of recipes on line, and your offerings will be all the more special when you have grown some of the ingredients for them yourself.

Home-Made Cakes

If you have stored root vegetables from your polytunnel for use over the winter, these can be used to make special cakes and other sweet treats for your loved one. How about a romantic red velvet cake with beetroot? Or sumptuous carrot cupcakes?

A Valentine's Day Meal

Whatever you have grown in your polytunnel and stored over winter, and whatever you can currently harvest from your polytunnel, you may well have the ingredients to make your loved one a special Valentine's Day meal. Cooking for your partner is one, wonderful way to show them how much they really mean to you.

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