Have A Polytunnel Egg Hunt For Kids This Easter

A polytunnel can be far more than just a space for growing food. There are plenty of ways to make the most of this covered space in your garden – for a wide range of leisure and recreation activities. Likewise, if you own a commercial polytunnel venture, you can use the covered space to diversify your business. Whether just for fun in your home garden, or as a commercial venture alongside polytunnel growing, why not have a polytunnel egg hunt for kids this Easter?

Easter can be a lovely time in the polytunnel, as the growing season begins in earnest and everything is springing back to life. This is a busy time of year for seed sowing and other preparations, but it is also important to make time for some fun! Kids will love the chance to peek beneath the plants to discover chocolate eggs, and as they hunt for them, they could learn a little more about gardening and plant-life too.

If you have your own kids at home, no doubt you have tried to encourage them to help you in the garden and tried to instil in them a sense of wonder about the natural world. You will know that the best way to get kids involved in polytunnel growing is to make it fun. Make it a game and they won't even notice that they are learning! An egg hunt this Easter could be the perfect way to get them back into the garden after the cold weather of winter.

If you have a polytunnel-based business, an Easter egg hunt in your polytunnels could be a good way to draw in some custom. As long as there is nothing too delicate in your polytunnels that can be trampled under careless young feet, an egg hunt could be the perfect way to attract families to come and spend at an organic garden cafe, a plant nursery or another polytunnel business.

If you keep chickens, you could also have an egg hunt with 'real' eggs, rather than the chocolate variety, then entertain the kids further by using plant dyes (perhaps from plants you have grown yourself) to decorate them. There are a whole range of Easter crafts that you could try using plants and other resources that you may have in or around your polytunnel.

This Easter, while you must make time for seed sowing and other important spring jobs in your polytunnel, do remember to also make some time to use the space for fun and relaxation.

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