Five Reasons To Buy a Polytunnel in Winter

There is no bad time to buy a polytunnel. But perhaps the best time of year to buy a polytunnel is during the winter. While a polytunnel can be a useful addition to your farm or garden year round, there are additional advantages to erecting one of these useful structures during the dormant season. Here are just five of the reasons to buy a polytunnel in winter:

Quiet Time for Gardeners

Whether you are a small-scale home or allotment gardener, or own a farm or small business, spring, summer and autumn can all be very busy times. In spring, seed sowing and ground preparation will keep you busy, in summer, everything is all-go, and in autumn, it is harvest time – time to reap the rewards of your work earlier in the year. While there is still plenty for you to be getting on with in winter, it is still likely to be the quietest time of the year, meaning that you will have the time to get everything ready with your new polytunnel to start planting in the spring.

New Year, New Start

With a fresh new year, many of us make resolutions and end the winter on a high note, trying to improve our way of life and work towards our goals and aspirations. If one of your goals is to live a more ethical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable way of life then a polytunnel could offer the perfect way to give some momentum to your new year and to make a new start, growing more of your own food and becoming more self-reliant.

Less Vegetation to Clear on Site

Preparing a site for your polytunnel is not always easy. Sometimes, sites need to be cleared of vegetation and surrounding foliage must be cut back in order to provide space for your new covered growing area. Winter is often the easiest time of year to tackle a more troublesome plot, as there will be less vegetation to clear back before placing the structure.

Less Disruption to Wildlife

While you should always take care to disrupt the wildlife on your land as little as possible, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid disruption during the nesting seasons. In winter, you can usually see nests etc. more clearly and it is less likely that you will severely impact on the local wildlife while you are erecting a polytunnel.

To Ready Yourself for the Start of the Growing Season

As spring approaches, you will find yourself planning and sowing for the growing year ahead. What better way to ready yourself for the start of the growing season than by creating a whole new growing area that will allow you to grow and eat your own produce all year long?

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