Festive Ways To Serve Beetroot Over Christmas

Red and green are the colours of the season and no vegetable better fits the first half of this colour code than beetroot. Beetroot may not be as traditional as Brussels sprouts, but can be a festive way to brighten up your Christmas table. Here are five suggestions for festive ways to serve beetroot over the Christmas season:

Roast Beetroot

Raw beetroot is nothing like the tangy vinegary pickled kind. Even those who like it may be surprised by how sweet it can be. When roasted, beetroot is the perfect sweet accompaniment for carrots and parsnips. The sweetness in these vegetables is perfectly complemented by a drizzle of honey, which will give them a lovely glaze when they are roasted in your oven.

Beetroot Slaw

For something a little bit different, why not make a colourful beetroot slaw with grated beetroot and cabbage. This slaw is perfect for sandwiches made with the leftovers of Christmas dinner, or as an accompaniment to winter salads.

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot works well in a salad, either cooked or raw. There are a wide range of winter salads to try and the bright colour of beetroot means that whenever you serve one of these simple salads, they will look lovely on your table. Grate beetroot raw into a leafy salad, or make beetroot the star ingredient in a cooked winter salad of beetroot and kale.

Beetroot Juice Cocktail

Another way to enjoy the colour and flavour of beetroot over the festive season is to make a cocktail with beetroot juice, for stunningly beautiful beverages that will set off your Christmas décor to perfection. Just don't spill your drinks – this juice is vibrant and could stain if you are not careful. Beetroot juice goes well with lemon juice, a dash of sweetness, and a range of different spirits.

Beetroot Cake

Last but not least, you should remember that beetroot is not restricted to savoury recipes. You can also use beetroot to make a range of delicious cakes. Beetroot adds an earthy flavour and a moistness, similar to a good carrot cake. A chocolate and beetroot cake could be the perfect show-stopper – the crowning glory to a winter feast.

These are just a few of the many ways to use up beetroot that you have stored from your polytunnel and to make the most of this delicious ingredient.

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