Valentine's Day Gifts For Polytunnel Gardeners

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. If your loved one is a keen gardener, you may be wondering what to give them this year. Giving them a gift that is well-suited to their hobby and lifestyle, and that they can actually use, will be far better than buying into the commercial holiday. Find something more interesting to gift your loved one than chocolate... don't buy flowers – give them the opportunity to grow their own! Here are five Valentine's Day gift ideas for polytunnel gardeners:


When choosing seeds to give as a gift to the keen gardener in your life, think about what they may not already have. Think about selecting some interesting heritage vegetable varieties, an usual type of flower that they have not grown before, or perhaps something completely out of the ordinary.


Seeds are not the only option. You could also treat your loved one by giving them a beautiful new plant to place in their polytunnel garden. Choose a fruiting bush perhaps, or an exotic plant. Giving a plant can be like giving a short-cut to a productive polytunnel garden.

Personalised Tools

If you buy gifts, they should always be either useful or beautiful – but both is better. Gardening tools that they can use to grow food or flowers in their polytunnel are a practical gift – but you can add a personal touch by choosing tools that have been customised for them, specifically suited to them. Personalised tools are perfect for a touch of romance.

Polytunnel Furniture

Your loved one will likely work hard in their polytunnel garden throughout the year. Why not show them how much you love them by showing that you appreciate the effort and understand how hard they work? A special seat, hammock or other furniture for a polytunnel will give them a place to relax and unwind after their labours.

A New Polytunnel

For that really special someone, you might be looking for a really grand gift. Whether they already have a polytunnel and would like more space, or are a gardener who is new to undercover growing, a polytunnel could be an ideal Valentine's Day gift.

Romantic gifts should always reflect the interests of the person to whom you are giving them. Tailor your gifts to the keen gardener in your life by choosing something that can allow them to continue to enjoy their passion.

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