Why a Polytunnel Could Make a Good Christmas Present for a Keen Gardener

Polytunnels can really be a life-changer for keen gardeners. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for the keen gardener in your life then you may be interested in purchasing a polytunnel before spring. Winter is a wonderful time to invest in a new polytunnel and could be a great way to show your keen gardener how much you care. Here are a few reasons why a polytunnel could make a good Christmas present for a keen gardener:

A Chance For Year Round Growing and Eating

A polytunnel makes it possible to grow and eat your own food year round in the UK. Being able to sow seeds earlier in the spring and continue growing throughout the winter really can make a big difference to how much it is possible to grow for the average UK gardener. Even unheated, a polytunnel creates a safe and protected microclimate in your garden, which increases not only the length of your growing season but also the range of foods that you are able to grow where you live.

More Comfortable Gardening

Gardeners enjoy being out in the green splendour of the natural world, interacting with the plants and wildlife who share our space. But sometimes, we all know that the UK weather leaves something to be desired. On crisp winter mornings, in stormy, rainy weather, come rain or shine, a polytunnel allows gardeners to enjoy working in their garden without being fully exposed to the elements. This Christmas, why not buy the gardener in your life the chance for more comfortable gardening?

A Sustainable Choice

As we move into 2018, many of us are concerned by the problems we face on our planet. Global warming threatens us all and much as it may be uncomfortable for many of us to contemplate, our way of life must change. There is no choice. We must all take responsibility for our consumption, and that includes what we consume in terms of food. Agriculture globally accounts for many of the world's ills – but we must eat. Growing our own food is one of the things we can do to reduce our impact on the world around us and move to transition to a better way of life. A polytunnel helps us to become more self-reliant when it comes to at least some of the food on our plates and, as such, is a truly sustainable option.

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