Creating A Romantic Retreat For Two In Your Polytunnel

This Valentine's Day, create a romantic ambiance in your polytunnel to create a place where you and your loved one can escape to for some special time together. Though the weather may be cold at this time of year, a heated polytunnel could be a sanctuary for a special date. If you want to woo, want to celebrate the love you share, or even want to pop a very special question, a polytunnel could become an unusual, but magical, space for romance. Here are some of the ingredients for romance that will help you to create a romantic retreat for two in your polytunnel:

A Feast for the Eyes

While it may be that not much is growing in your polytunnel at this time of year, it is still possible to create a feast for the eyes. By using your imagination, you could combine a range of plants and flowers with artistic additions to create a beautiful setting for your romantic rendezvous.

Heavenly Scents

When creating the perfect polytunnel getaway, think not only about how things look but also about fragrance. Scents can be incredibly evocative of time and place. By selecting some heavenly scented plants to place in your polytunnel, you can help to create the atmosphere that you desire.

A Delightful Soundscape

Romance engages all the senses. As well as thinking about visual elements, and scents, you should also consider how your experience will sound. Creating a delightful soundscape can be as simple as installing a feature with running water, or hanging some wind ornaments, but it could also include using camping speakers, or a music system run from renewables, to play music in your polytunnel.

Mood Lighting

Stringing solar powered fairy lights, lanterns or other lights in your polytunnel will also help you to set the mood. Even if it the weather is frightful outside, and dark has fallen, the two of you can enjoy a romantic retreat in your polytunnel.

A Touch of Magic

By preparing your polytunnel for romance, you can create a beautiful, comfortable space where the two of you can be together. A polytunnel can be a place of peace and sanctuary, a place to escape from the stresses and strains of the everyday world and imagine yourselves in a magical world where there is only the two of you. The only thing that remains is for you to work your own special brand of magic as you and your loved one enjoy a meal together, perhaps even one you have grown yourself, or simply relax together in your special space.

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