Mini Polytunnels

Mini Polytunnels
“My mini polytunnel created a cocoon for my prize crops over the winter inside
my commercial polytunnel.
It worked a treat!”

Paul Peacock


Looking for something smaller?

Don't have the space for a polytunnel what can you do instead?

“A Mini polytunnel, portable plant protector, small space polytunnel” - call it what you will, is the ideal solution. They’re perfect if you are limited for space, want to try your hand at a new hobby, rediscover an old one or even introduce children to the joys of growing your own.

Great for patios, yards, small gardens and raised beds. Why not use a mini polytunnel to protect tender plants inside your already existing polytunnel (like double glazing) in the colder months.

Each hoop is made from 25.4mm galvanised steel tubing is 3ft 7inch high with 1ft 9inch straight side and comes complete with 2 extensions to allow ventilation. The polythene cover supplied is 800 gauge (200 micron) exactly the same used in our polytunnels as is the pressure treated timber base rail at a whopping 75mm x 50mm.

This extremely portable protector is available in 3 lengths with a choice of polythene or net cover...

Polythene Netting
 Polythene  Netting



Domestic Polytunnels

Commercial Polytunnels

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