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The Growing Guide will take you through a whole 12 months of activity in your polytunnel. What you should be doing, what to look out for, maintenance and ideas to maximise your crops, PLUS... what to plant, pick and enjoy! Top of the Crops is the definitive guide to achieve crop success. Whether youíre an old hand looking to try something new, or a complete novice growing for the first time Top of the Crops will give you the confidence to achieve crop success.
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first Tunnels' experts are the pick of the crop

Andy McKee, Mark Gatter and Paul Peacock best-selling authors and owners of First Tunnels polytunnels.

Part of the fun of owning a polytunnel is picking the brains of people who really know how to make the most of the real growing potential. So we're making it easy for you...with some of the best brains in the business!

This site now includes features, produced exclusively for First Tunnels by Andy McKee and Mark Gatter - the best-selling authors of 'How to grow food in your Polytunnel' and 'The Polytunnel Handbook'. Plus...Paul Peacock, presenter, from BBCís Gardenersí Question Time.

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Andy McKee - Top of the Crops
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Mark Gatter - Growing Guides
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Paul Peacock - Tunnel Vision

Check out their hints, tips, ideas, do's and doníts and general expert know-how on making the most of every inch of your polytunnel...every day of the year!

Andy, Mark and Paul are also actively involved with our Facebook pages on a daily basis. Either posting pictures, sharing hints and tips, or answering other gardeners questions. If you have a question, or want to share some of your polytunnel gardening experiences, join our group on Facebook where youíll find hundreds of other like minded people making the most of their polytunnels.

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