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Everywhere you turn, companies are clamoring for your custom. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish who are the Good, the Bad or the just downright Ugly. If you‘re looking to invest in a Polytunnel then it won't have escaped your knowledge that we‘re not the only Polytunnel supplier in the UK.

Some of our competitors' cherry pick comparisons to make them "stand out". Claiming they sell the best polythene or they have the strongest hoops. But who makes these claims...well they do of course! Now Happy Customerswe could counter claim and boast our four piece hoops with added storm braces are the strongest profiles available and that our polythene, which is sourced from the largest Horticultural film supplier in the world is the thickest and very best quality available.

But, we feel that's all a bit shouty, chest beating "Look at us, we're the best!" It all sounds a bit patronising and quite arrogant. So, instead we prefer to let you, our customers, do the talking...

  • If a customer has made a suggestion for how we can continue to improve? It's here!
  • If a customer has waxed lyrical? It's here!
  • If they think we ve got something wrong? It's here!

We value all feedback, good or bad. We care deeply about our business, we're passionate about providing a fantastic product with great service. It's by listening to our customers, we can ensure that we continue improving, going the extra mile to deliver a better product, better service, more care.

That's why every First Tunnels customer is given the opportunity to review his or her experience of buying from us. To be honest we're amazed that our competitors don't offer their customers the same courtesy...although we can hazard a guess why!

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Happy CustomersWe also have a strong Facebook and Twitter presence with dedicated, passionate Polytunnel gardening friends, who love to share their sowing tips, growing hints and harvesting secrets with each other. But more importantly for you, as a customer or a potential customer, you can post your comments in all their glory or gory details.

And for further reassurance, when placing an order with us, we offer all of our customers the option to return an order within 14 days for a full refund - no if's or buts, simply return the items and we'll give you a full refund.*

* There are a few rules, please don't use the goods. The cost of returning items to us, should be paid by you. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here.


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