Polytunnel watering made easy

Polytunnel watering made easy

Polytunnel IrrigationQuench the thirst of Polytunnel plants and make watering your Polytunnel a splash with irrigation solutions from First Tunnels!

Summertime and the living is easy... Well, that's how the song goes! But for us Polytunnel gardeners the reality can be watering morning, noon and night when it's hot. Despite all good intentions, our hectic lifestyle along with the summer holiday season means that plants can end up looking like a sea of straggly, wilted plants and no one wants to come back from a couple of weeks away to find all their hard work and beautiful crops and plants ruined by a lack of water!

So, going on holiday? Who will water your precious plants? I'm sure you won't forget to pack your shorts, sun cream and sun glasses but don't forget that your garden, Greenhouse and Polytunnel will need a spot of TLC whilst you're taking a well-earned rest on holiday! Although nobody will take care of your precious plants the way you would yourself (even if they are gardeners themselves) ask a trusted friend or neighbour to do the essential daily tasks. You could always form a "Holiday watering group" and make arrangements to take care of each other's gardens while away on holiday. Polytunnels IrrigationYou'll care for their plants while they're away and they'll care for yours, while you take off. Suggest they can harvest some veggies or pick the sweet-peas as a "Thank you". This can be a sweet reward to offer the person who's looking after your garden while you are away so you'll both benefit. If this is not feasible alternative...make sure you've got a really good irrigation system to do the work for you!

The days of wrestling with tangled hosepipes and struggling from water butts laden with heavy cans are history with an irrigation system. As well as easy to install and ultimately time saving, irrigation systems for Polytunnels and Greenhouses is the practical solution and well worth considering whilst you kick back and relax.

Overhead Irrigation+

Irrigation is an option for all sizes of Polytunnels. This system suspends below central ridge of the polytunnel. Supplied with a header pipe, down tubes, sprinklers, inline tap, pressure regulator and hose connector. The First Tunnels system features 30cm downtubes incorporating a weight to make sure it hangs true, and an anti-drip device with stable sprayer which keeps the spray lines primed and ready for instant start-up.

Drip and soaker hose system+

With soaker hose, water is released directly to the roots and will not evaporate, resulting in fewer waterings. It can be used in any garden, Greenhouse or Polytunnel whatever the size. The system will still work on sloping areas and can be cut to size. By using barbs fittings an endless combination of watering variations can be achieved. T's for multiple runs, ball valves for areas not in use.

The Big Drippa Kit+

The 'Big Drippa' Kit offers a practical solution to keeps plants regularly watered whether you are at work or on holiday for a few days. The kit comes with 10Ĺ litre reservoir bag with hanging hook, 5m of hose and six adjustable drippers - the flow of which can be varied or turned off. The Perfect answer to grow bag watering and Polytunnels that are not near mains water supply (such as an allotment) Installation is simple and takes seconds and your plants will benefit from efficient watering.

Automatic Irrigation Timer+

Polytunnel IrrigationThen there are the brains behind the automated irrigation kit... the ultimate time-saving device, a water timer that switches the irrigation on and off for you. Magic! With Watering duration in steps from 2-60 minutes. Frequency every 24hrs, 2nd, 3rd or 7th day for up to 3 times a day. This easy to install, water resistant controller is easy to use and features a manual override too. The perfect solution to any summer holiday watering dilemma and will ensure you come back to a Polytunnel just as gorgeous and full of life as it was when you left.


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