Polytunnels For Allotments

Polytunnels For Allotments

Polytunnels For AllotmentsGrowing your own is a not only a great source of fresh fruit and vegetables, polytunnel allotment gardening, is mentally fulfilling and rewards you with the chance to escape the pressures of modern living. Whether you're growing to exhibit or growing just for fun, there's no better place to be, down on the allotment when the wind and rain is battering your plot and you are cosily tucked up in your polytunnel refuge.

An allotment poly tunnel provides a place for children to learn where food comes from, healthy exercise and fresh air thrown in for good measure. It's wonderful to celebrate the successful fruits of your labours with family, friends and fellow plotters and nothing tastes as good as when you've grown it yourself! It can't have escaped your notice but throughout UK allotments, polytunnels are increasingly becoming more popular, in fact, our local allotment has no fewer than eight poly tunnels, and there are only sixteen plots.

How to find an allotment?+

Polytunnels For AllotmentsAllotment plots come in many different shapes and sizes, usually depending on the history of the area and the amount of demand for allotments locally. When allotment planning, in the first instance you should start by contacting your local council to find out where the nearest allotment sites are - this will most likely be your Parish, Town, Borough, City or District Council.. Next, (if you're very lucky) you will be allocated your own plot, or (if you're not so lucky) your name will be added to the waiting list if there are no plots available. This guide is useful for growers looking to rent an allotment plot - Allotment plot holders guide.

Do I need planning permission for allotment Polytunnels?+

Polytunnels For AllotmentsAllotments thrive on rules and regulations and as no two-allotment sites are identical, tenancy agreements and planning permission for polytunnel use can vary considerably between allotments in the UK. With this in mind, it's always best to check with your local allotment planning authority or site manager to see if you will need planning permission...just to be on the safe side.

Which Polytunnel should I choose for an allotment?+

Polytunnels For AllotmentsWell, that's a tricky question. The easy answer is...as big as your plot, but you may wish for an area to grow outside or the size maybe restricted by your allotment association. When planning an allotment, consider what type of crops you intend to grow, will you plant in traditional rows or use raised beds? It's worth having a chat with some of the longer established allotment Polytunnel owners...saving you time and effort.

Have you considered a Communal Polytunnel?+

If you are looking to join the grow-your-own brigade and fancy yourselves as the next Barbara and Tom, you'll soon appreciate a polytunnel is worth its weight in gold as it shrugs off anything the weather throws at it! For allotment newbies, a plot can be quite a daunting parcel of land to cultivate on your own. If it does seem a little too over facing, then you should ask if you could rent a half plot or, alternatively, share a Polytunnel with family, friends or fellow plotters. Renting a section of a plot or Polytunnel as opposed to a full one with like-minded people is not only a great way of sharing the work, its helps community spirit and it's the perfect way of getting the waiting lists down! The more you put into it, the more you'll get out. Check out this useful Allotment guide - Growing in the community.

Polytunnels For Allotments

Can I arrange to have a polytunnel delivered to an allotment?+

The answer is yes, providing the allotment has a valid postcode...However, not wanting to beat around the bush, this could mean hanging around your allotment whatever the weather on the day of delivery, especially if access is required by a key holder...*TIP* Take a flask and a good book to read.

Allotment Polytunnels are generally despatched within 5 working days from receipt of order. With prior notification, we would always do our best to accommodate specific delivery requests to fit in with a scheduled day off work or a planned holiday (excluding weekends). A polytunnel kit consists of a varying number of individual items of variable lengths determined by any additional options. For our domestic Polytunnels we have the option of 2 or 4 piece hoop profiles, which should assist transportation to its final site. If you are not planning to construct your Polytunnel straight away, this would mean leaving your precious polytunnel in bits and pieces on your allotment plot until you are ready to build it. Is it safe and secure to be left unattended...that is the question? Most Allotment Poly tunnels can be transported in a car (depending on size) the longest length, number of items and feasibility can soon be established with a quick phone call to our dedicated team in the office on 01282 601253.


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