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We could go on and on about how good we think we are. How hard we work to deliver great products and fantastic service. How no job is too small. How helpful the construction team are... but we'd prefer to let the people we supply, the gardening experts, the national magazines and the real grass roots gardeners do the talking for us. It's always nice to receive positive feedback, so we thought we'd share just a few of the most recent ones here... 


We are pleased to announce that First Tunnels has been selected as BBC Gardener’s World supplier for a long term feature comparing polytunnels with traditional greenhouses. We are looking forward to the seeing the first articles, keep an eye out for more information in our newsletter, and on our facebook and polytunnel gardening blog.


"Kitchen garden is proud to recommend First tunnels to our readers. As well as providing an extensive range of products that cater for a variety of needs, they also offer a price match promise to ensure great value for money. Plus their website offers plenty of helpful information and special offers, so whether you're a beginner or have half an acre under cultivation, you're sure to find the right piece of kit with First Tunnels."


"A really wide range of high quality products delivered to your door, detailed and clearly explained information on putting up your polytunnel, straightforward pricing and comprehensive after sales service including a complete installation package – these are all the things you’d hope for from the leading polytunnel supplier, but with First Tunnels you get all this and more! There’s advice on all the crops you can grow, polytunnel management, upgrades, repairs and recovering, products to suit everyone from a back-yard beginner to a professional grower – and all at keenly competitive prices. There are video guides, an on-liner newsletter, and a Facebook community to keep you in touch with other First Tunnels users. First Tunnels offers a First Class package."    Tim Rumball - Editor of Amateur Gardening


“I have had three polytunnels from First Tunnels - River Cottage HQ and others - and I’d never go anywhere else for one. The website is a pleasure to use (add components to ‘build’ it online to your own spec), the instructions that come with the products are clear and accurate, the staff knowledgeable and helpful. But the main reason to buy a First Tunnels polytunnel is the years of hardwork they’ll give you - the quality of materials and design is first class. The design is a pleasure and so practical, after many years of use I’ve needed to replace the odd piece of wood and it’s been a very straightforward process. I have used other polytunnels and they’ve been fine, there’s often little to choose between polytunnels at first, but within a couple of years you notice the difference that quality design and materials make, and nothing comes close to First Tunnels for that.”


"You can grow a lot more with a polytunnel, but gardeners need advice when making such an investment. Here at Gardens Monthly's More from Your Garden, we were really impressed with the information and help there was on the First Tunnels website. We particularly like the polytunnel videos and the articles you can download. The various options of sizes and cover types are clearly explained, so beginners can get a tailor-made product to suit their needs from a well-established company."


"I have a polytunnel from First Tunnels on my allotment. It was easy to construct and has proved its worth over the past four years. I would recommend it to friends, colleagues and the readers of Garden Answers. It is a quality product and they offer a great service."

"We, at Home Farmer, consider First Tunnels Polytunnels an important partner because of their reputation in the market place, and the fact our readers regard them as the number one for all things Polytunnel."


Paul Peacock Polytunnel TV

"If you want the best,it is also a bonus to find that the best is also the friendliest, and then the friendliest is also the most caring. This has been our experience with First Tunnels Polytunnels. From the day you place your order to the daunting morning your boxes and frames arrive, First Tunnels hold your hand in the building process and beyond, and I know from experience they work really hard to help you if either you have a problem, spend too long scratching your head, or can’t tell the difference between a thingy and a wotsit.   Their website is filled with simple to understand videos that help with every stage of erecting your polytunnel, and what is more, they have a number of friendly and expert growers to help you get the most out of your tunnel.  For us at City Cottage, there is no better polytunnel partner, it is First Tunnels: first and every time."     Paul Peacock, author and presenter on BBC’s Gardeners’ Question Time.

Andy Mckee Polytunnel Author 

"When Mark and I were researching poly tunnel suppleirs for our books, First Tunnels Polytunnels stood out form the crowd because they look at Polytunnels from the customers' perspective, rather than treating them like a peice of agricultural equipment.  That means great customer service; easy online ordering; and, most important of all, crystal clear instructions.  When people ask me where to buy from, I have no hesitation in recommending First Tunnels Polytunnels."     Andy Mckee, co-author of How to Grow Food in a Polytunnel and The Polytunnel Handbook.

Mark Gatter Polytunnel Author

"Planning and pricing a new polytunnel on the First Tunnels website is incredibly easy and will take even a complete novice just a few minutes. Info links explain exactly what each part of the kit is for and the price is automatically re-calculated with each change made. And that's not all - the website is great, but the tunnels are even better. Putting one up is a much less work than with any other polytunnel I've seen. For example, innovations such as aluminium base-rails mean you don't have to dig a huge trench around the whole structure in order to bury the cover edges - and the end result is stronger, too. I currently have one polytunnel from First Tunnels, and a second  - much bigger - is heading my way very soon. Can't wait!"     Mark Gatter, co-author of How to Grow Food in a Polytunnel and The Polytunnel Handbook.


This is just a handful of the feedback we've received. To find out more, and comment about these and other aspects of First Tunnels, just log on to our pages on Facebook, we look forward to hearing from you.



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