11Kw Propane Gas Hotbox Heater

11Kw Propane Gas Hotbox Heater

The Proheater Deluxe model 12 was introduced following customer requests for a much larger heater for smaller commercial greenhouses and polytunnels. This heater provides frost protection in structures up-to-18ft wide x 54ft long. The Proheater Deluxe 12000 has an output of 11Kw at 37 mbar. Thermostatic control, Convector Heater. Fuel type - LPG (propane). This heater has a non-electric thermostat which turns the heater down to a small pilot flame when the desired temperature is achieved. Supplied with 2m of flexible gas hose and a propane regulator. Floor standing. Casing size: 630mm wide x 170mm deep x 535mm high.

ID: HE0001
Price: £490.00

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