Your first big decision when choosing a Polytunnel is almost always..."What size is ideal?". But there's other important factors to take into consideration..."What type of cover do I want?". It might not sound like something to give a lot of thought to, but the cover you choose will affect your day-to-day Polytunnel management, what and how you grow. We have 4 options to choose from...


Net PolytheneThis green net incorporates durable flat tape threads and double lockstitch tearproof technology and is used as a windbreak or shade product to protect those hardier and specialists plants. This net has proven its durability in the toughest of conditions and also provides excellent protection against insect and birds. 50% density.

Net Properties

Tildenet is now considered to be one of the major brands of netting and textile manufacturers in the world. Exporting to over 100 countries, providing an extensive range of products for markets such as construction, sport and horticulture. Tildernet supply and manufacture extruded nets and meshes for all kinds of applications.

Although guaranteed for 5 years against its biggest threat of sunlight degradation, when fitted correctly, it is not uncommon to hear our net covers have lasted in excess of 10 years.

5 Year Net Guarantee