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Despite the unpredictable British weather, come rain or shine our climate seems particularly well suited to the cultivation of fruit…especially juicy berries and cherries. But even the most abundant of crops can be rendered useless in a matter of days, if it’s not properly protected from hungry invaders.

Heading the list of culprits are our feathered friends, most of which are extremely partial to feasting on the fruits of your labour. So keeping them entirely at bay is definitely the order of the day.

Rising to the challenge is the First Tunnels Fruit Cage. Available in a range of sizes to suit everything from low growing bushes to the loftier heights of a cherry tree, these premium fruit cages complete with a door are constructed from the finest galvanised tubular steel, galvanised tube connectors and covered in netting. So, whether you’re protecting from flocks of smaller birds, the unwanted attention of pigeons, or even the pest threat of butterflies…the strong (17x17mm) polypropylene side mesh and the super light double knitted roof mesh (18x18mm) are more than up to the job.

Building your cage is quick and easy. And the finished construction will be strong, durable and ready to guard your fruit…year after year.

Fruit cage configurator

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Fruit cage configurator


2 bay by 2 bay configuration

Diagram shows a 2 bay by 2 bay configuration. The Stabiliser bars fitted to each corner make our Fruit Cages exceptionally strong structures.

Each bay is 1.9m x 1.9m


Overall Height 7ft 2.14m
Steel Diameter 25.5mm  
Steel Specification Z35 galvanised high tensile
Stabiliser Bars Per Unit 7  
Door Height 7ft 2.13m
Door Width 2.9ft 0.91m


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Commercial Polytunnels

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